Safety & Security

24/7 CCTV Surveillance

All entrances and main routes through Paarden Eiland, plus several hotspots, are covered by a high quality CCTV network monitored at PECID’s own control room situated within the City Improvement District.

 The modern, fully equipped control room is manned by specially trained staff, contracted from ENFORCE Security Services, who have radio and cell phone contact with PECID Patrol Officers as well as direct communication with SAPS and other emergency services.  Tracking suspicious vehicles or persons; foiling attempted burglaries and often catching thieves red-handed are all in a day’s work for this dedicated team. 

Report crime or call for assistance by phoning

PECID Camera Control on 076 501 3205 or 021 510 1290.


24/7 Vehicle Patrols


Two dedicated PECID patrol vehicles, contracted from ENFORCE and manned by nine armed officers, patrol our streets day and night on a twelve-hour shift basis.  The vehicles are uniquely branded and easily recognisable.  Patrol Officers have been specially selected by ENFORCE for their experience and zero-tolerance attitude and have undergone specific training to deal with the particular needs of the CID, including infringements of relevant City Bylaws.  An extremely good working relationship prevails with the South African Police, City Law Enforcement and other security role-players.



Law Enforcement

PECID enjoys the benefit of two Law Enforcement Officers thanks to Ward 55 allocation by immediate past Ward Councillor Bernadette le Roux. The Officers deal with contraventions of most City Bylaws, excluding moving traffic violations. Their regular patrols in Paarden Eiland make a huge difference to the enforcement of general law and order in our area.


South African Police

Paarden Eiland falls under Maitland SAPS and, as such, enjoys the presence of the Sector 1 police van during its patrols and relevant call-outs to attend to criminal incidents. PECID works closely with Maitland Police, keeping up to date with details of wanted criminals, criminal activity and crime trends.  Effective visible policing has made a major impact on the reduction of crime over the past year.


Crime Advice 

Do not leave valuables in unattended vehicles.
Theft out of motor vehicles is usually opportunistic and caused by negligence. 
Physically check your vehicle is securely locked before walking away.
Jamming remote devices are commonly used to intercept signals from your central locking activators, preventing your vehicle from being locked.
Ensure you have adequate and efficient access control to your premises.
Gates and burglar bars are only as effective as they are secure.
Do not allow strangers, or even known visitors, to roam around your premises without escort.
95% of petty theft from businesses can be blamed on indiscriminate access by strangers.
Light up your building at night.
Thieves operate freely in the dark when they know there is little chance of detection.
Ensure your street number is displayed prominently.
Finding an address quickly can mean the difference between life and death or apprehension and escape.
Test your alarm systems regularly.
If you are paying for protection it should be in working condition.
Do not support trolley traders by giving them scrap or waste products.
Don’t fall foul of the bylaw which states it is the waste generator’s obligation to dispose of waste to the appropriate authority or landfill.
Report all suspicious activity immediately.
Give as much detailed information as possible, such as: description of person or vehicle; build; clothes; colour; registration; distinguishing features.
Open a case and go to court.
If you are the victim of a crime, allow the law to take its course.  First time criminals become habitual if they know they can get off lightly.